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What we promise to do

WE WILL place your interests first

We will not randomly create such things as medical or fact time-lines when not necessary simply to increase billable hours. 

If the firm you assign does not put your interests first, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

WE WILL give you the most thorough evaluation of your claim possible

While not every file requires overturning every possible stone, some do.  Often primary care physician’s records contain a wealth of information.  Although not every personal injury case requires production of these records, most will benefit from it.  Most plaintiffs’ lawyers do not provide new patient forms as they know it often contains very damaging information; many defense lawyers don’t bother to obtain new patient forms or even primary care records. 

If the firm you assign does not obtain all records from all providers, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

WE WILL return all calls or e-mails within 24 hours

We are fully aware of the time taken by trials, depositions and other out-of-office requirements; however, all calls into the office are important, treated as such and addressed in a timely fashion. 

If the firm you assign does not return calls promptly, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

WE WILL answer all calls in person and give you the personal attention your business deserves

Our lawyers do not have voice mail, nor will we.  While we have an answering machine for calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:30 p.m., we understand that you would prefer to speak with a person. 

If the firm you assign does not provide personal service, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

WE WILL charge only a reasonable fee for our services and charge only for the services we provide

We will not charge for minor tasks such as reviewing a piece of mail, a discovery ruling, a pleading from a co-defendant, etc., that do not require a response.  We value your trust in us and realize that not everything we do for you is a billable function. 

If the firm you assign does charge for minor tasks, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

WE WILL resolve your claims as soon as possible and give you our reasoned opinion as to liability and damages as soon as possible in order to allow you to make an informed decision as quickly as possible

While a medical issue often needs to be investigated fully, we recognize that some medical claims are only going to get worse with time, which will cost you more in indemnity and defense the longer the file remains open.  If early settlement is your goal, it is our goal, too.  Whether a claim is to be settled or tried, we will use our best efforts to close the pleadings, request pretrials, etc., in order to advance your case toward conclusion.

If the firm you assign does not resolve your claims expeditiously, perhaps you have the wrong firm.
WE WILL do our best to ensure that your insured is pleased that they placed their insurance with you based on your selection of this office

We meet in person with every client as soon as possible to obtain their version of the story.  Often what occurs in reality is not accurately contained in a police report, a claimant’s version, etc.  We routinely receive comments from clients after we meet that they are pleasantly surprised that their insurance company had us meet with them to obtain their version.  We understand that some firms never meet the clients in person until trial and have paralegals, secretaries or investigators obtain their version or their discovery responses.  Since the assigned attorney is reporting to you, evaluates the case, communicates with opposing counsel and ultimately may try the case, shouldn’t that person be the one to meet the client?  We are happy to meet with clients when and where convenient for them, not us, regardless if that means a Saturday or an evening, of course, at no additional cost to you.  

If the firm you assigned does not offer this service, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

What we promise not to do

 WE WILL NOT assign your matter to an associate for handling

While we utilize the superb services of our paralegal and associate staff, we do so on a task-specific basis when it is right for your case

WE WILL NOT file any motion or take any action if there is no significant benefit to you

Countless firms file requests to revise to “correct” minor mistakes in complaints, move to strike reckless complaints that they have no likelihood of winning or move for summary Judgment where there is clearly a question of fact simply to generate billable hours.  We have taken over files where assigned counsel incurred more than $5,000 to brief and argue a motion to strike a reckless claim or similar motion that they were never going to win and did not.  Only that firm benefitted from that conduct.  However, if there is a good likelihood that your case can be resolved by summary Judgment, we will file the motion as soon as practically possible.  We have a very good track record in obtaining summary Judgment, often without requiring any discovery, as our motions are not filed arbitrarily. 

If the firm you assign files unnecessary pleadings to expand billable hours, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

 WE WILL NOT give you an opinion about your case to prolong it and then give you a different opinion "on the courthouse steps" in order to avoid defending the opinion

Many a lawyer tells you what you want to hear, or what they want you to hear, while a case is pending simply to extend the life of a file, then, at the courthouse steps, recommend a Judge’s value to close a file rather than trying the case.  While we value all positions on a file, we will not urge you to accept a Judge’s opinion only to avoid trying a case.  We understand that closing a file early is often a good thing.    However, if a case is going to be tried, there is no firm better prepared to try your case than our firm. 

If the firm you assign is not prepared to back their opinion and try a case, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

 WE WILL NOT automatically file a jury claim

For example, jury claims are expensive.  They presently cost over $400 for every case.  Many “cookie-cutter” firms, staff counsel operations or plaintiff’s films file jury claims as a matter of course; however, our being good stewards of your money can save you thousands of dollars per year. 

If the firm you assign is not mindful of your dollars, perhaps you have the wrong firm.

 WE WILL NOT handle the file in a “cookie cutter” fashion

We are amazed to see many firms that defend a claim as if by some imaginary defense manual.  As soon as discovery responses come in, they notice the plaintiff’s deposition.  While depositions are most often necessary, they should not be taken randomly.  Often they should be the last thing done after all medical records are obtained, whereas sometimes they should be noticed before any other discovery is accomplished. Depositions should be taken as necessary, with adjuster authority, on a case-by-case basis. In addition, on direct claims, many firms never take advantage of policy provisions allowing for examinations under oath (EUO), compelling medical examinations with physicians of the Company’s choice or demanding medical authorizations as the Company has the right to do in most first-party matters.  We obtained numerous decisions allowing these that substantially benefit our clients where most firms do not. 

If the firm you assign handles your cases in a “cookie cutter” fashion, perhaps you have the wrong firm.